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Forget Hollywood secrets, the ELEVATE will quickly become your styling secret weapon! It's the ultimate tool for that 'just left the salon' PRO VOLUME finish. Without fuss. Without product. And without effort. Now you can get super easy volume that’s like ‘air in the hair’ right at home every day. BONUS STYLING FEATURES -Simply use the ELEVATE like a hot brush for a smooth and sleek finish -Tame and smooth curly or unruly hair by gliding the ELEVATE through the hair for controlled and shiny curls -Create soft, volumised tousled waves and personalised wave movement around the face in seconds Sharon Blain is one of the many incredible reasons the ELEVATE PRO STYLER is a tool you’ll want to own. With over 500 global hairdressing awards and an ORDER OF AUSTRALIA in 2022, this much-loved QUEEN of styling comes with over 55 years of incredible experience. She is the icon that celebrity stylists turn to for training, and the force behind this exceptional game-changer. This is the first hot tool she’s been willing to put her name to – and now you can bring a legend home with the Elevate Pro Styler. Because this tool is like a little piece of her styling magic in YOUR HANDS. The Elevate is like magic. You haven’t seen anything like it. It pumps air into your hair from the roots and lifts it up without the usual teasing, crimping, or products. Best of all, the volume lasts until the next wash – kind of like having your own personal stylist at home. We believe that when you walk out the door with that easy feeling of ‘just done’ hair that’s full of volume, it ELEVATES your day, and your life. Volume brings an air of glam to your looks that says, ‘I’ve got it together! Just add a touch of red lippie and you’re ready to go!