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Ciencia8 brings together everything this company stands for: innovation, research and development, and most importantly proven results.Ciencia8 has a range dedicated to targeting specific issues to keep your skin youthful and glowing. From wrinkle correction, to hydration, to restructuring, to protecting, they are your one stop shop for all your skin care needs.Amanda Quigley has worked in the skincare industry for over 25 years and owns a highly awarded paramedical clinic in Armadale, Melbourne. Her client base ranges from celebrities to everyday women and she also works with cosmetic surgeons.

Amanda developed Ciencia8 to enhance the in-clinic procedures to post treatment care. The Ciencia8 range has been restricted to just 10 products, targets specific issues, is generous in its use of active ingredients and uses multiple actives in each product. Lipotec, Barcelona has been a key partner in the development of the range.Ciencia8 is a holistic range offering customers 10 products targeting specific skincare issues. Each item is full of active ingredients that will hydrate and lift your skin, restoring its health, brightness and smoothness. The revolutionary formulas are perfect for achieving healthy skin.

Their ingredients also work to not only treat and restore skin, but also protect it from environmental factors. This ensures that your skin maintains its radiance and forms a barrier against external forces.