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TVSN brings you the newest, rarest and most exotic gems available from the Tucson Gem Show, straight from the fair! Our Tucson selection sees a variety of gems and minerals, one-off pieces and collector-worthy gem specimens, all bought during the Tucson gem shows in early February this year. These are being carefully set as gorgeous jewellery in gold and silver at the workshop, just in time for the TVSN show on 12 March.


Gem Adventurers™ Gavin Linsell and Eli Rifind, who are regular faces at TVSN, made the special trip to Tucson to source a really exciting selection of gems and minerals.

Gavin Linsell

Gavin Linsell is an Australian gemstone writer, gem expert and gemstone traveller who has lived in Thailand for 15 years. Holding a bachelor of science, Gavin’s expertise is in the buying, selling and marketing of gemstones. Gavin is the author of two gemstone books, ‘Guide to Gems & Jewelry’ (translated into four languages and published in five editions) and ‘The Clever Gem Buyer’; now in its second edition this book is also published in German and Italian. Gavin was also featured in a series of gemstone documentaries and in 2014 appeared in the internationally airing ‘Game of Stones’ series on Discovery Channel.

Gavin’s professional love affair with gemstones started 15 years ago under the shadow of Khao Ploi Waen, ‘the mountain of gemstone rings’ in Chanthaburi, Thailand, an international center for coloured gemstones. Since then Gavin has accumulated extensive experience marketing gemstones for numerous international companies. Apart from traveling extensively to gem markets and mining centers in Africa, Asia and South America, Gavin is also a member of the International Coloured Gemstone Association (ICA), an organization whose members include the top gemstone miners, cutters and dealers throughout the world.

Eli Rifkind

Working in the gemstone industry for 18 years, Eli Rifkind is an American gemstone buyer and jeweller who specialises in identifying market opportunities for a diverse array of coloured gemstones. With extensive expertise in jewellery design and merchandising, Eli’s focus is fine quality at competitive prices.

A New York native, Eli was attracted to the gem business not only because of an early fascination with gemstones, but also because of the opportunity to travel. Starting with a loose gem wholesaler on the famous gemstone trading district of New York’s 47th Street, after three years Eli moved to Bangkok, Thailand to establish a sales office for a US-based gem trading company targeting jewellery manufactures in China, Hong Kong and Thailand. Given the trend of the global industry, Asia is the place to be for gemstones and jewellery, and Eli soon fell in love with Thailand, its people, culture and food.


Taking place annually in late January and February at multiple locations across the city, Tucson becomes a playground for the world of international gem and mineral trading, collecting, and bargain hunting when the Tucson Gem, Mineral & Fossil Showcase arrives.

It all started in 1955 when a group of mineral collectors and rock hounds from the Tucson Gem & Mineral Society held a free exhibition at a local elementary school, open to the public. The show was an immediate hit, prompting organisers to make it an annual event.

The now legendary Tucson Gem, Mineral & Fossil Showcase has grown from a ‘club show’ to a major show for gem professionals and enthusiasts from around the world.

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