TVSN Presenters

suzie mackenzie
Birthday:  8th June
Birth place:  Southport, Gold Coast. QLD
Years with TVSN:  4

Before I came to TVSN…  I had never heard of Lock & Lock.

Working at TVSN…  Exhilarating, exhausting, exciting and extremely fun!!

My first day at TVSN…  Freaked me out!

A day in my life as a TVSN presenter is…  Hectic

The best part about being a TVSN presenter is…  I know it sounds corny, but the best part about this job, is knowing I have friends all across the country now, who are gracious enough to have me visiting in their home. I can't believe it - they actually have me back!!

As a TVSN presenter I am motivated by…  My viewers' need for me to be their eyes and ears, and their good time!

Favorite food  Too many!­includes chocolate malted milkshakes, hot chips and gravy, and Cadburys Turkish Delight chocolate.

Favorite hobbies  Being a mummy.

Favorite song  Oh for heaven's sake! If I can't pick a favourite colour, how on earth am I expected to pick a favourite song!

Favorite movie  You've GOT to be kidding!!! See previous answer.

How my friends and family would describe me…  I don't think I can put that in writing.

Off camera…  I hate answering questionnaires.

My favorite TVSN products are…  According to my husband, ALL the Arestaline 8 products and Lock & Lock.

One thing I wish I was great at…  Answering questionnaires.