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3.82ct Amethyst & Tanzanite Dress Ring 9ct Yellow Gold
Original  $829.00
Clearance Price  $379.00
6.30ct Multi Colour Cushion Cut Amethyst Ring SS
Original  $149.00
Clearance Price  $69.50
5.36ct Cushion Cut Amethyst Flower Ring Sterling Silver
Original  $99.50
Clearance Price  $49.50
7.62ct Multi Colour Amethyst Accent Cluster Ring SS
Original  $199.00
Clearance Price  $69.50
6.03ct Amethyst Starburst Ring Sterling Silver
Original  $159.00
Clearance Price  $59.50
8.72ct Amethyst Round Cluster Ring Sterling Silver
Original  $119.00
Clearance Price  $59.50
0.42ct Pink Tourmaline, Amethyst & Iolite Ring YG
Original  $469.00
Clearance Price  $239.00
Set of Seven Semi Precious Gem Earrings Sterling Silver
Original  $139.00
Clearance Price  $79.50
Gem Hunter 1.90ct Amethyst & Diamond Twist Ring 9ct YG
Original  $789.00
Clearance Price  $519.00
Gem Hunter 2.10ct Amethyst Sapphire & Dia Trilogy Ring YG
Original  $659.00
Clearance Price  $329.00
Gem Hunter 2.10ct Cushion Cut Amethyst & Sapph Ring YG
Original  $599.00
Clearance Price  $319.00
Gem Hunter 2.10ct Amethyst & Sapphire Ring 9ct Yellow Gold
Original  $999.00
Clearance Price  $499.00
Gem Hunter Oval Cut 2.50ct Amethyst & Dia Ring 9ct YG
Original  $1069.00
Clearance Price  $569.00
Gem Hunter 1.35ct Amethyst & Sapphire Ring 9ct Yellow Gold
Original  $569.00
Clearance Price  $299.00
Gem Hunter 0.85ct Amethyst & Diamond Ring 9ct Yellow Gold
Original  $799.00
Clearance Price  $429.00
Gem Hunter 2.50ct Amethyst & Dia Accent Ring 9ct YG
Original  $729.00
Clearance Price  $389.00
Gem Hunter 2.50ct Amethyst & Diamond Twist Ring 9ct YG
Original  $949.00
Clearance Price  $499.00
Gem Hunter 1.90ct Oval Cut Amethyst Ring 9ct Yellow Gold
Original  $629.00
Clearance Price  $339.00
Gem Hunter 2.10ct Amethyst & Diamond Open Ring 9ct YG
Original  $719.00
Clearance Price  $379.00
Gem Hunter 1.50ct Rose Quartz & Amethyst ERings 9ct YG
Original  $319.00
Clearance Price  $169.00
2ct Amethyst, Pink Tourmaline & Tanzanite Ring 9ct YG
Original  $539.00
Clearance Price  $279.00
Gems of the Orient Amethyst Necklace Sterling Silver
Original  $179.00
Clearance Price  $89.50
3.64ct Amethyst Cluster Ring 9ct Yellow Gold
Original  $489.00
Clearance Price  $199.00
3.56ct Multi Gem Cluster Ring Sterling Silver
Original  $159.00
Clearance Price  $89.00
6.99ct Peridot, Chrome Diopside & White Topaz Ring SS
Original  $349.00
Clearance Price  $189.00
6.15ct Green Amethyst, Chrome Diopside & Dia Ring SS
Original  $389.00
Clearance Price  $149.00
5.25ct Lavender Quartz & Amethyst Ring 9ct Yellow Gold
Original  $1119.00
Clearance Price  $439.00
1.10ct Iolite & Amethyst Asymmetrical Ring 9ct YG
Original  $419.00
Clearance Price  $179.00
2.25ct African Amethyst & Diamond Band Ring S Silver
Original  $99.50
Clearance Price  $39.50
  Items  1-60 of 78

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