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15.3ct Larimar w Swiss Blue Topaz Ring SS
Original  $229.00
NOW  $199.00
5.7ct Larimar w Iolite  Ring SS
Original  $149.00
NOW  $129.00
Rainbow Moonstonew Tanzanite Ring SS
Original  $179.00
NOW  $129.00
Clogau Oak Ring 9ct Rose Gold SS
Original  $399.00
NOW  $359.00
4ct Prehnite, Peridot & Sky Blue Topaz Ring Sterling Siver
Original  $269.00
Clearance Price  $139.00
12ct Oval Cut Prehnite Statement Ring Sterling Silver
Original  $469.00
Clearance Price  $239.00
4ct Prehnite & Sky Blue Topaz Halo Ring SS
Original  $219.00
Clearance Price  $119.00
1.80ct Prehnite & Peridot Halo Ring Sterling Silver
Original  $179.00
Clearance Price  $89.50
8ct Round Cut Prehnite & Topaz Ring Sterling Silver
Original  $359.00
Clearance Price  $179.00
1.24ct King Plain Sapphire & Diamond Halo Trilogy Ring YG
Original  $1299.00
Clearance Price  $649.00
1.20ct Tibetanite, Sapphire & Dia Ring 9ct YG
Original  $1499.00
Clearance Price  $749.00
  Items  1-60 of 482

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