TVSN Spotlight on Gold

Why do we love gold? It’s beautiful, it’s scarce, it’s valuable.

Human beings have valued and sought after gold for centuries. It is cemented in our society and culture, and continues to be coveted all over the world—and at TVSN!


Did You Know ?

  • The atomic number of gold is 79, which means there are 79 protons in the nucleus of every atom.
  • Gold melts at 1064 degrees centigrade.
  • The largest ever true gold nugget weighed 2316 troy ounces when found at Moliagul in Australia in 1869. It is called the “Welcome Stranger”.
  • One ounce of gold can be beaten into a translucent sheet 0.000018 cm thick and covering 9 square metres; or pulled into a wire 80 km long.


“Italian design, style and luxury”.

Boasting a breathtaking array of authentic gold Jewellery from Arezzo, Italy, the Splendido Collection is simply irresistible. The designs bring history back to life in a trendy and modern way. Understated enough to be worn every day and for any occasion, but becoming enough to be called works of art. Splendido Jewellery is inspired by the sights, history and culture of the beautiful Tuscan Region in Italy.

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“Clogau jewellery is seen as an heirloom with both a personal and cultural meaning”.

Clogau is a second generation family business based in Wales. For over 30 years, their growing range of jewellery has captured the hearts and imaginations of jewellery lovers from far and wide. Every piece they create contains rare Welsh gold—the Gold of Royalty for almost 100 years.

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Oro Nuovo

“An affordable extravagence!”

Oro Nuovo’s pieces are beautifully crafted out of 14ct Gold that has been electro-formed over an inner core of resin, making this brand a pioneer in Italian gold production. The resin core is elaborated by means of avant-garde manufacturing techniques, which enables these pieces to be much lighter for the wearer while providing a resistant and substantial feel and weight to each piece.

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“Enjoy your little piece of Italian history every day!”

Imbued with an innate sense of Italian style, this hand-crafted collection has its roots in the history of Lace from the island of Burano, which dates back to the 15th century. Merletto takes its inspiration from these handcrafted lace treasures in the gorgeous 9ct Gold Merletto di Francesca Jewellery.

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