3 Easy Steps from
Alpha H

1 Balancing the skin's pH.

pH is crucial to skin health and perfecting the pH balance of our skin can help you achieve a flawless complexion.

If the pH levels of the acid mantle (also known as the moisture barrier) of our skin are out of balance, then the skin’s protection is compromised.
Some indicators that your pH levels have been compromised are: Dry and flaky skin, Rosacea, Acne, Inflammation, Redness and Abnormal sensitivity.

Alpha-H products that will help you balance your skin’s pH:

Balancing Cleanser is a creamy three-in-one cleanser which works to correct the skin’s natural pH balance.

Triple Action Cleanser cools, calms, cleans and balances the skin. Non-foaming so as to respect the pH levels of the skin and nurture the lipid barrier, it helps to minimise excess oil and control breakouts, without stripping and drying the skin.

2 Exfoliate dead skin cells

Exfoliation is a game changer! If your skin is looking dull, grey and tired, exfoliation is your ticket back to glowing, youthful skin. It’s the fastest step in your beauty routine and the one which will achieve the most visible results.

As we age our skin’s natural exfoliation process slows and by age 50 and over, dead skin cells can stay on our face for as long as two months – it’s no wonder that people often complain that their skin looks permanently tired and dull.

Each time we exfoliate we remove dead skin cells, boost collagen production, diminish wrinkles, shrink pores, reduce scarring, stimulate microcirculation, brighten skin tone, lighten pigmentation, clear acne breakouts, stimulate new cell production, improve make-up application, and allow other skincare products to penetrate better into live skin cells.

Alpha-H products that will help you exfoliate your skin:

Liquid Gold – Transform your skin with Liquid Gold, an award-winning revolutionary resurfacing treatment that uses a state of the art, low pH delivery system to effectively diminish wrinkles, pigmentation and sun damage. This no-rinse peel is an all-in-one exfoliant, toner and serum.

Gentle Daily Exfoliant – This award-winning powder-to-paste product is gentle enough to use daily, and leaves your skin feeling silky soft and smooth.

3 Protect against UV.

Did you know that 80% of skin ageing is caused by everyday sun exposure that occurs throughout the year? SPF is the single most effective defence against skin ageing. No matter your age, gender or location, you should be protecting your skin against the effects of UVA/UVB. Wearing sunscreen on the daily can help to prevent wrinkles, pigmentation and brown spots.

Alpha-H SPF products:

Protection Plus Daily SPF 50+ – This broad-spectrum SPF 50+ moisturiser protects against harsh UVA/UVB rays and future proofs against photo ageing. Non-greasy and non-whitening, Protection Plus Daily SPF50+ nourishes and hydrates the skin while fighting environmental aggressors.

Daily Essential Moisturiser SPF 30+ – This broad-spectrum SPF moisturiser protects against harsh UVA/UVB rays and future proofs against photo ageing. Daily Essential Moisturiser with SPF entwines sun protection with skin health to ensure your daily moisturiser acts as a three-in-one age blocker, wrinkle preventer and collagen saver.

Protection Plus Hair and Body Oil SPF 50+ – An innovative powerful all-in-one SPF spray that revitalises and fortifies with enriched Argan Oil and Ginger while defending against the harmful effects of UVA and UVB rays.